Digital Training For Elderly

Digital Training For Elderly

The MANN MEDIA INSTITUTE online course aims to help senior citizens learn how to use new technology and stay safe. The open-learning platform will enable everyone to access the information they need – from dementia, to how to use social media responsibly.


What is Mann Media Institute?


MANN MEDIA INSTITUTE is an online course for seniors to learn how to use digital technology. It was created by an experienced teacher and entrepreneur, who wanted to create a resource for seniors to transition with ease into the new world of digital communication. MANN MEDIA INSTITUTE offers multiple lessons that teach participants about basic emailing, social media marketing and search engine optimization.


How Can the Online Course Benefit Older People?


Online courses are beneficial for senior citizens. The online course is safe and can be completed at any time of the day or night. It provides a flexible learning platform to learn new skills and discover soft skills such as time management, focus, motivation, personal growth, and creativity. The course also includes an e-mentoring program that connects people with professionals from various fields like cooking to digital marketing and many more.


Why Should You Choose the Online Course Over Other Choices?


If you’re looking for an online course that is simple and easy to follow, then the MANN MEDIA INSTITUTE Online English Course is a good choice. It’s perfect for those who want to learn English but don’t have time for the classroom setting. This program is also available in both audio and video format, so it can be watched at your own convenience.


Who Is It For?


Who is this course for? The target audience is designed for youth and senior citizens of Pakistan who want to work have experience with computers but want to learn about how to use the internet. This course covers the basics of how to upload pictures, send text messages, and post on social media.




Senior citizens are always interested in learning new skills. The Digital Launch online course is a great way for them to learn new things and get creative. From social media marketing to podcasting, there is a lot of information that will teach seniors about the digital world.